All are free

Are you happy when your kids can learn something in the form of a game and develop their minds than if they don't have anything? Do you know where to find something like this and the games to buy are too expensive for you? Visit the 1001 website for free games, as they are available on the Internet.

1001 Game Play

Our site is organized and divided into several categories, so you have an easy overview and selection. If you don't want your kids to play just the free games, just click on the logical section and select your child's game from which they can learn something too. 1001 Game play lets you do it.

When he's out of the ugly

Learning by playing games is sometimes better for children, as it can be more captivate than when you have to read something. It's gonna develop their thinking. So if you want to entertain the children when they are out of the ugly, visit the puzzle games.