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A Comprehensive Guide through Automatic and Semi-Automatic Labeling Machines

Just from the title, an automatic label applicator is a faster labeling option than semi-automatic label applicator. However, when choosing a suitable label applicator for your business, you should look beyond the speed. Always have the label types in mind when looking for a suitable labeling machine for your business. Also, you should establish the speed of the production process. The best way to decide on the right label applicator is to understand the two options available in the market, automatic and semi-automatic label applicator. The article herein is a guide that will help you understand the difference between a semi-automatic label applicator and an automatic labeling machine.

The first thing that you need to know that both types have an automated labeling application. What makes the two labeling machines different is how they are loaded and activated. For a semi-automatic labeling machine to apply the labels, the containers must be lined up. Since loading is done manually, it is an ideal option for small batches. However, an automatic label applicator has a system that automatically lines the containers. Advanced versions of automatic labeling machines are capable of repositioning the container for repeated application of labels. Therefore, based on the nature of your production and labeling needs, you should decide on the most suitable label applicator between the two.

It is always important to make financial considerations before investing in a production machine. Ensure that your business can afford the machine and the operating costs. In the store, you will notice that the prices of the two labeling applicators are not in the same range. A semi-automatic label applicator is less expensive, but you will have to budget for labor costs. In the case of an automatic label applicator, you will spend more but eliminate the need to hire a worker. Therefore, based on your finances, you should settle for the most suitable labeling system for your business.

Additionally, semi-automatic and automatic labeling machines are not the same regarding package flexibility. A semi-automatic label applicator is meant for particular types of containers. It takes less time to set up a highly specialized labeling machine. An automatic label applicator is designed to accommodate a wide range of products. The configuration time is usually high if you want to use it to apply labels to a wide range of containers and use different labels.

Speed is a crucial factor to consider when choosing a label applicator, and an automatic one is usually fast. Based on the speed of your production line, you should make an informed decision regarding the speed. Therefore, when undecided between a semi-automatic and automatic label applicator, you should look into the above-discussed differences.

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