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Businesses face a lot of competition from their fellow business especially those which produce similar products thus they are substitutes for each other. It is important for people who are setting up a business who those who are already in the market to ensure that they come up wit ways which they will use to beat their competitors and dominate the market because this will help them to last in the market in the coming years and earn a lot of profits. For a business to succeed, it is the requirement of every business owner to have well laid out plans and strategies for their businesses to ensure that they achieve their set goals. One of the important things that businesses should ensure that they put good strategies is on how they will reach their target market and thus they should employ different strategies for them to reach their target demographics. There many ways through which a business can get to their target markets such as the use of billboards, the use of salespersons, the use of free gifts and free samples, the use of trade shows and exhibitions, and the use of digital marketing. Digital marketing is the most utilized means of marketing in the modern world due to the advancement of information technology which has led to higher use of the internet all over the world.

Many people use the internet to search for the services they need and it is important for businesses to utilize this chance for them to get to their target market. Digital marketing involves the use of different digital strategies to use to the target market and one of the digital marketing ways is the use of social media marketing. Many people use different social media platforms such as What’s App, Facebook, and Instagram and thus a business can use these platforms to reach their target markets. There are people who are very popular and influential on the social media platforms who are commonly referred to as celebrities and they have a large number of followers on their social media pages. There are man celebrities and they may have ventured in different types of fields such as music, sports, modeling, and acting among many other fields and many people love them and they are commonly termed as their fans.

Businesses who want to reach a massive number of people should consider using social media marketing using celebrity advertisements because this is likely to reach a higher number of people and their target markets. A business should identify companies who have connections to these celebrities and identify a good celebrity for their products, for example, it would be good for a business venturing in male shoes to use a celebrity in the sports field to advertise their products. There are many benefits of using celebrity advertisements because they help to build a brand name for a business because people consider it reputable when it is branded by a person they love.

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